Thursday, September 2, 2010

POW WOW.....

 For me, some of the most visually loaded and exciting events in North America are the traditional Native American Pow Wows. Packed with deep meaning and purpose, these celebrations are terrific to experience. One of the most powerful moments is the opening ceremony, the intertribal grand entry. With voices wailing over the loudspeakers and drums beating out the rhythms, everyone fills the arena in a massive overload of color and camaraderie... a wonderful display of brotherhood and unity. It is awesome to behold! 
This summer we made our way to the Pow Wows in Macy and Winnebago. Here are some pix of those times and these beautiful people. To view a few more, please check my website at

Still standing, still looking up and still dancing to the beat of the drum...................



  1. When the weather gets warm I think of Pow Wow season and all the wonderful shoots I have gone on with Tom, shooting one of my favorite events in Nebraska. I just love the magic of being at the Pow Wow.

  2. The costumes, color, pageantry, and especially the little kids, bring such enjoyment. Thanks Tom, for sharing your remarkable photography with us.

  3. Photography that delights the senses, awesome display of colour & splendid capture of the various moods!- gerard