Sunday, October 20, 2013


Wrapping up the shooting list for our upcoming 2014 edition of Lincoln Today Magazine, I needed one more shot of the James Arthur Vineyards in the rolling hills just north of Lincoln. Having missed a turn on the way out, I arrived just as the sun was setting for the day. Ten minutes later would have been too late. I spotted this lovely and accommodating group of audiology students and one lucky guy enjoying the evening together...
I love this picture for many reasons...just a perfect evening, perfect fall weather, perfect lighting, picture perfect models, Sriyani's perfect touch adding 2 blue bottles on the table...just a real sweet vibe all around...making it more than obvious, there is really no place like Nebraska! (^_^)
I love it when everything comes together...dancing in the light, timing is always the key.

Once again...
Mission accomplished,

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