Monday, April 20, 2009


What! No Easter Carols?

I was just remembering how in Sri Lanka for at least a month after Christmas you can hear carols being sung and played in public places, and that's a Buddhist country! This year I was in Indonesia in January and noticed in that Muslim country, they were playing Christmas carols up until the Chinese New Year in late Jan...
I'm not aware of many Easter carols, but as the dust settles on yet another public and religious holiday, I've been reminded once again of how there is always more than meets the eye, especially in this case! The dynamics and significance of the terror and subsequent victory on Calvary has little to do with tradition or religion. It is written that 'had the rulers of this world known the secret wisdom of Elohim (Almighty God), they wouldn't have crucified Adonay (the Lord of Glory).' But, the purposeful plan was revealed and is still being worked out in our midst. This truth is indeed stranger and more marvelous than any fiction.
As rebellion requires recompense, those with 'eyes to see' marvel at the restoration of all things! Today, we see men scrambling, taking issue and taking sides, as everything which can be shaken is at least wobbling and I have a feeling we haven't see anything, yet...signs of the times.

So, a few take the advice and kiss the Son, choosing to get with the program and walk in His light... angels sing in joyful assembly

...every day's a holiday in the Kingdom of God...

.......till all His enemies are under His feet!


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