Friday, April 24, 2009


As my mates and I were recently approaching the Hindu temple at Goa Gajah on the island of Bali in Indonesia, we went into instant 'Red Alert!'  To our horror, we spotted this fellow all wrapped up in the clutches of a huge Python constrictor! What to do? No Red Cross or disaster relief training had prepared us for this particular challenge. But, as we drew near, the assumed victim didn't seem to be in as much trouble as we had presumed. Whew! To our amazement this guy not only was OK being entwined by the reptile, he actually enjoyed it and began rambling on about his 'friend' and their symbiotic relationship. He explained how his 'seeing eye snake'  would line up with his bad eye and when perfect alignment was achieved, he could actually use snake vision on the right side which was transmitted through bodily contact allowing him to see perfectly well....Amazing! He went on and on about this and we were enthralled... Well, we were pretty sure that's what he said. Our Balinese isn't very good......

Some details could have been lost in translation,


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