Thursday, May 28, 2009


If you follow a longitudinal line from my home in Nebraska over the North Pole and keep going, it will eventually bisect Sriyani’s native homeland of Sri Lanka. The two places couldn’t be farther apart. It is there, however, we have a little ‘spot in the country’ on this beautiful island outside the craziness of Colombo, the capital city. Since I have been introducing my neighbors, I thought I would share a shot of this Sri Lankan fella, whom I will be seeing shortly. We dodge him almost every day on the road where he herds his water buffalo to pasture near our abode.
He obviously stays cool as a cucumber in his tropical attire and if the weather heats up in Nebraska this summer, I will be introducing Richard (May 11 post) to that practical and sporty look.

…………on the road

Stay Cool,


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  1. Great neighbors. How come you have so many interesting neighbors? And you know them all?