Monday, June 1, 2009


…to Center Court at the French Open, that is.

Sriyani and I looking a little wiped out here. That’s because we were. After several days on the road and an especially long one the day before, we timed our moves to be in Paris during the French Open and realize a dream of seeing the matches at Roland Garros. We were a bit too assuming though, thinking we could just show up, stand in line and purchase our tickets at the gate. Well, it seems our chosen day was also the day for several thousand other fans with the same idea in mind. So, to our huge disappointment we arrived in the morning greeted by the news of ‘All Sold Out!’ No Way!!!… If I was a crybaby that would have been my cue. I came REAL close...

Deciding not to accept defeat, we returned for the evening session and not only made it through the gate, but slipped into one of the smaller court venues, saw a great match and had a wonderful time. The Annex Courts as they call them surround the bigger main stage courts, and are the exquisitely manicured, intimate atmospheres for epic battles for the up and coming stars and seasoned veterans.
Fortunately, we settled into a great 5 set match between an Italian and a Russian player, Igor and Fabio…I’ll let you figure which one was from where.
I had my little pocket camera with me and snapped off a few pix while we were there….

I have started a new feature on my website called ‘Latest’ (separate from ‘Greatest’) just below the picture on the home page. There I will be featuring shots of whatever I’m shooting or working on at the moment. Most of the time I’ll make reference on this blog, then have more pix of the same subject over there.

See you over there. Till then, I will be…

painting the lines,

Tom………..oh, yeah, Igor won 7-5 in the 5th

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  1. Cool Roland Garros photos. It just isn't the same with Nadal out already.