Sunday, June 7, 2009


As Sriyani and I worked our way from the States over to Sri Lanka, we took a rare detour for a couple weeks. It was my great pleasure to have young Luke along for a few days at the start. He is a great guy! I would go anywhere with him. It’s so neat to watch… wherever he goes people naturally are drawn to him and he reciprocates with kind and genuine interest. He’s a great friend and I don’t think he realizes what a gift he has for making friends and being a such a good one. He takes it all in stride…pretty cool….
I’m sure he got a little tired of posing for Dad, but hey…when he’s flipping through his family album with his grand kids, he’ll have something to talk about.
In the meantime, let me introduce Luke….. O'Hare Airport Chicago

...leaving the States

...with Mom at the Vatican City

...1st day in Rome

...a striking similarity!

...checking out works of the Masters the Sistine Chapel the Pantheon the Colosseum of Rome

If you want to see some more pix of Luke check them out at

...a friend indeed,


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  1. Wow - thats a great picture of Luke with the statue.. I love pictures like that! :) It reminds me of a scene in "to sir with love" where the students are at a museum and there is a sequence of stills like this.. very cool. I love old movies. Out of curiousity - do you keep in touch with any of the people that you take pictures of (not the posed ones, the one from the "Family of Man" gallery? There is one of a Buddhist monk that has the kindest face.. I always wonder about people, if you know what happens to them and so on. I don't suppose you do - part of the mystery maybe. He just has the most amazing face - it really held me for some reason. Where is it taken? Did you just randomly see him somewhere?