Monday, July 13, 2009


Apparently, Michelangelo’s dad didn’t think much of his young son’s passion for stonecutting. No future in that he said, but Michey hammered on against all odds.
Florence, Italy is another one of those places with a personality which oozes expressive response in the people.
The Russian composer, Tchaikovsky, was lured to Florence by its literature and inspirational atmosphere. Though they never met face to face, a wealthy widow living there bankrolled his endeavors and freed him up to do his musical thing. She also paid for his villa overlooking the city. I came to find out that right across the street lived another noteworthy Italian a few centuries before, the Catholic bad boy by the name of Galileo…talk about Homies!
The place is most definitely a tourist attraction today, but what a neat city!
I was inspired…
I’ll be posting more shots of Italy on my website shortly.
For now, here are some pix from my few days there…

just passing through…

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