Sunday, July 26, 2009

mmmMighty Tastee....

I think there is something to Mrs. Gump's philosophical outlook relating life and boxes of chocolate. To the 'never knowing what you're gonna get' list I would have to add, shooting with a camera in this part of the world. I've strapped myself in and shot hanging out of helicoptors, shot creatures of the deep under water, behemoths and stalking cats of the jungle... I've shot presidents in office, athletes in action, butterflies in bushes (yesterday) and desperate people in slum life squalor...war zone activities and never forgetting to mention pretty maidens in tropical settings.
A few days ago it was back to the tabletop. I had the pleasure of working on images for a project with master chef, Welshman, Adam Gaunt-Evans. Adam is a true Michael Jordan of the culinary art. Actually, unlike Michael, Adam has to score every time he pulls the trigger. That's real pressure! Preparing world class gourmet dishes in posh six star settings for the likes of Madonna, Brad Pitt, Roger Moore and Nelson Mandela is no easy task. We all know what picky eaters they are...

Here is Adam warming up before taking the court and flying into action...

For this shoot we decided to use natural light and were blessed with two perfect days, weather wise. Using reflectors and subtle angles to the light, we had lots of fun dancing around the place and setting up each arrangement. Here are a few of Adam's masterpieces in our artistic settings.

Still smiling after two long assistants, the ever-lovely Avisha and Subha with Chef Adam. Good work, team!

And the proof was in the tasting at the end of the day... Somebody had to do it and let me tell you, Adam's got it going on!

bon appetit,



  1. Daniel AdihardjoMon Jul 27, 02:44:00 PM

    yummmmyyyy ... looks mighty tasty!

  2. Makes me hungry. Yummy!

  3. To wonder Subha is smiling :) I would too - that looks pretty amazing...

    Where are you? Where is she? I'm so confused as to where in the world you all find yourself at any given time!

  4. Subha's in's Rebecca at the moment. We talked all about you couple days ago. I just returned to States yesterday to meet up with Sriyani...Yeah, I have trouble sometimes remembering where I am. Of course that may be a symptom of other things...