Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Well, here I go and my trusty little pocket camera. It served me well on the beach in Sri Lanka. Thought I'd give it another whirl at the wedding of my only sister's only daughter, pretty Jobie Zeman in New Caanan, Connecticut. I still don't do weddings, but this was another fun event made easy to shoot with my slick little friend. Great people, great weather, great time...
Talk about fun! Any wedding that includes water basketball on the agenda has gotta be good...and for the record, I DEMAND A REMATCH!!! 
We have a great family and it's always a blast when we get together. Talented in a lot of areas, especially in athletics, so the competitive juices always flow... no fist fights this time.
I had a wonderful time reconnecting with family members I don't get to see nearly as much as I'd like. For the most part all are keeping it together... quality family people loving each other, fervently prizing their kids and raising them with truth as the standard... a pretty good bunch to be connected to.
Here are just a few pix from the extravaganza. I'll be posting more on my website if you want to see more of what my little friend can do... check it out at
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Jobie Lane (I love that name!) and Brian...welcome to the family!

pretty maids all in a row...

my dad, John 'the Big Dog' and Sriyani

lovely Erin and Sarah...

my brother's kids...everyone a winner!

the awesome Bidrman's...

rising star, Jessie Tidball

we cleaned up pretty well this time...

Happy Feet, Al Zeman with sweet Tara

Here's to Jobie and Brian... 
to a level path with all blessings from above,
Love's enough,

Uncle Tom

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  1. Daniel AdihardjoWed Aug 19, 07:55:00 PM

    So you do weddings ... and you don't ... ;-)