Tuesday, March 29, 2011


...the light heart
No matter who is in front of the camera, the goal is always the same...to collect the best possible images under the conditions, and the greatest pleasure for any photographer is when it all 'clicks'.
As a kid I discovered exquisite joy while playing. Those days, my expression was mostly in sports and I honestly wanted to keep it rolling as long as possible.
In the intended order of things, I'm convinced that cultivating and maintaining a 'spirit of play' is one of the high priorities. And, that taking one's self too seriously is a definite deterrent to achieving desired results most of the time...more to do with being totally committed to the moment at hand than with being selfish, immature or irresponsible. After all, where else are you going to meet the great I AM? 
Isn't it interesting that 'play' is mostly used referring to games, sports and music? Why can't you play photography, woodworking, plumbing, nursing and other activities as well?  It comes down to what you bring to the table...the light heart.
Pardon my ramble... but, speaking about bringing plenty to the table, meet Bianca Iz, another pleasure to work with. (did I say work?)

It all comes together...

It was a good shoot, a good day...
all in the spirit of play.

Nice going Bianca... Iz it is...

If you'd like to see more of Bianca and Nadeeka, go to my website and have a scroll...



Tuesday, March 1, 2011


...walking in the light
Occasionally, I have the pleasure of working with top models who really know how to present themselves, confident in front of people and comfortable in the spotlight or in front of the camera.
As I've said before, there is something timeless in the graceful movements of a beautiful woman. 
Say hello to Nadeeka Perera.

Oftentimes,  natural beauty can be overwhelming. Understandably, in the process of 'getting the shot', certain subtleties can easily be overlooked or never dealt with properly... the quality and angle of light, the ease of the pose, the fluidity of movement and the value of a fleeting expression. For me, that's where the beauty lies. It's a dance, for sure and there is always more going on than meets the eye.

nice job, Nadeeka...