Friday, August 9, 2013

MAKING IT... the Old Ballgame
Last night, Sriyani and I took in a ballgame at the 'K' in Kansas City. The Royals are on a great winning streak right now and were playing the Mighty Red Sox of Boston. Here I am making my way to the gate...
 The rain stayed away, so it turned out to be a beautiful evening for a game...
 The easy going nature of baseball allows for people to bring some of their personal preferences and entertainments along with them to the game...including ball gloves, snacks, cameras, cellphones and favorite team caps and favorite player jerseys. In the case of the couple who sat in front of us, they brought most of that and more...They brought each other to play with!

It was a little tough to see when they stood up...
 but, harder to concentrate on the game when they sat down...

 Ok, you two...let's get your heads in the game.

Royals won 5-1!
It's a beautiful thing!
Everyone went home happy!
Go Royals!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


A couple pards and I went up to the Pow Wow on the Winnebago Rez last week. Once again, it was a great time being with the people and collecting some fresh shots along the way. For me these events are really special for many far the most colorful and dramatic photo opportunity out there. I love it! Here are a few of my favorite from the weekend...

 Strap it on and let's go...

Can I have this dance?

You can see a lot more pow wow pix in my 'Winnebago Pow Wow 2013' Album at