Friday, May 28, 2021


 One of our favorite places in Sri Lanka to visit is Kalkudah Bay on the Eastern side of the Island. The entire wide beach coast stretching for 4 kilometers is fringed with coconut trees as you can see in these pix I've selected, and the sea most of the time is still as a lake due to the protective off shore reef . So serene, like a dream, the fishermen, the dogs and all other beach life move to the distant rhythm of little lapping waves kissing the sand and the soft sway of the coconut fronds.  

As Arthur Clarke would say, 'This alone is real.'

Maybe so...

Peace, be still...

Friday, April 30, 2021

PIDURANGALA - ancient monastery, rock temple

 Massive rock formation of Pidurangala stands two kilometers to the north of Sigiriya, the rock fortress atop of which King Kasyapa ruled the island country of Ceylon in the 5th century. Both are prominent projections protruding from the jungle floor surroundings.

My trusty friend Kosala Weheragoda (should have been a sherpa) and I scaled the mighty temple rock fortress together.

Monk's eye evening view of Sigiriya from atop Pidurangala

Jungle floor view of Pidurangala...

Pidu' on the left, Sigiriya on the right...

Lion motif at temple entrance

Temple details along the way...

Giant reclining Buddha on side of mountain loosing his veneer

inner sanctum

Have a nice day!

Monday, February 22, 2021

The Power and the Glory


 I recently finished hanging these seashore images collected literally around the island of Sri Lanka. The exhibition theme was 'Coastal Lanka'. Here are the chosen ones plus a few I felt bad about leaving out...

Like my Grandmother used to say,

'Ain't nature grand?'