Tuesday, July 31, 2012


...from Marble Bay
I love being around the water, so to wake up to the sound of waves gently lapping the beach and this young fisherman paddling by was something like a dream to me...

As the sun began revealing the surroundings, I spotted a cliff at the end of the beach and thought I'd try hiking my way through the jungle growth for a view from the top. I felt a bit like Robinson Crusoe...

 ...so, this is what the locals call Marble Bay, just down the coast from China Bay and Trincomalee, a sweet, little soft sand beach on the Eastern side of Sri Lanka...

Once I managed to find my way out of the jungle (with no help from Friday), I strapped on my fins to check out the underwater scenery. It was getting a little windy, so I was fortunate to find this fairly secluded spot just below the cliffs...

To my delight, these little fellas were there to greet me...

Maybe I'm still sleeping,

No problem,
Dream on...
I'll see you there,

Monday, July 16, 2012


 Just returned from a brief tour of the 'dry zone' in Sri Lanka. I'll follow up with some lovely shots of the scenic beauty, but thought for now I'd post a few people pix for a little story I want to tell. All along the way, people here are extremely photogenic, almost always in great situations and great light...a photographer's delight. If not always beautiful, they never fail at being genuine characters in a tropical wonderland setting.

We took a little side trip to a remote country school about ten miles outside Vavuniya...a hard hit war zone area in North Central Sri Lanka where everyone has been deeply affected by tragedy and most are still in a long process of patching lives back together. I'd like to say the kids here are too young to have learned to take life seriously, but that wouldn't be true. These youngsters are already survivors, unlike a lot of their friends and family members. Amazing resilience! I was impressed...

 The timing was perfect. We arrived during recess, so all the students were out of class, just milling around in the dust under a big shade tree, waiting for classes to resume...no balls, no games, just hanging out. Of course, I was an unplanned novelty. I'm a sucker for the innocence of play and somehow kids seem to have a little more of that going on, so we hit it off pretty well.  I spiced things up a bit with my camera and we all goofed around until our time was up. I remember those days...having to come down off a playground high in order to return to academia. Bummer...

 This is Principal Vijekumar. In our conversation with him, we realized how limited his resources are. We asked him what his greatest needs for the school are at this time. He said a library with books for the students to check out and read, and sports / playground equipment for them to be able to use. Hey, I thought...that's something I could possibly help with.
So, I decided to take up a little collection for the school. I'd like to at least collect enough for some balls and proper sports gear, but if possible, arrangements could be made to put up some nice playground equipment, too. 100% of what we receive will go to the school. That is a promise. I will follow up with pix and a report, so if you care to, please send (tax deductible) contributions to:

Tom Tidball
Street Kids
P.O. Box 6473
Lincoln, NE  


Community Concern
Tom Tidball
15/4 Aponsu Road
Sri Lanka

(designate for 
Vavuniya school)

I haven't used my blog for fund raising before, so please understand. I think it's a good gesture all around, and it's always nice to see kids blessed and having fun.

Thanks for helping out...
and remember to play hard till the bell rings,