Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Before breaking huddle a few days ago, we put our heads together for this group pic of the family. I set the 10 sec timer and circled my way into position. Good thing we pulled it off in 10 seconds. That's probably an all-time record for us sitting this close together before the sparks start flying. I thought I'd post this as a tribute to a great family I'm so happy to be part of, and as a record of how we still seem to like each other's company.
Don't worry... I'm not turning my blog into a family photo album.
I just thought the girls should be included. Aren't they pretty! (Sriyani and Subha)  And, where would we be without them?

Love's enough,

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I LOVE THESE GUYS... three sons, Luke, Rama & Govinda
 During the recent special occasion of Subha's wedding in Gallerate, I had the rare opportunity of hanging with my boys in the streets of Italy... places we'd heard of but never visited Venice, Milano, Murano and Burano with spots in between (lots of others ending in 'o'). I think the guys got a bit tired of me doing the tourist thing, asking them to pose all along the way... but hey, life is short and who knows if we'll ever pass this way again. I couldn't ask for better sons or mates to ride this trail with. Here are a few of our pic stops...

 A photo tip... I always consider my background first, being ever mindful of the setting and angle of light. You can always position your models or do your little dance to align things just the way you want. That's what the legs are for.

 Luke just turned 21, so now we're 4 men...boys to men. At least we're working in that direction, me lagging a bit at times, but trying to keep pace...
 ...funny how the bullies quit kicking sand in my face at the beach!

...and then there were four. Welcome to the tribe, Matteo.

Friday, July 8, 2011


 Beautiful couple, beautiful day, beautiful Italian wedding...
It was difficult for me being father of the bride and wedding photographer, but here is a quick shot I snatched of Subha and her new Italian family... Matteo with his mother and father, Ambrogina and Giuseppe Grassi, truly wonderful people. What a blessing!
Here is to many happy days together...
You are off to a good start...