Friday, June 30, 2023



As a photographer I have a keen interest in body language. Recently, Sriyani and I passed through Paris and took the opportunity to once again visit our favorite art galleries. I spent the better part of two days specifically searching out the masters' treatment of hands in their creative expressions. Realizing that hands alone are hard to 'get right', to look natural, even in a simple drawing, to be able to artfully contribute through the hands to the mood or expression of a piece of art is mind boggling...using paint, bronze or stone, no less! 

You can see what I mean in this collection of photos. It is said that the true artists are not so much the ones who are inspired but the ones who inspire others and are sometimes considered champions in their generation.

Collectively, these works of art display the manifest magnificence of the human form and all related intricacies of physical life on earth...moments in time. From inherent masculine strength of the sons of God exploding in skillful acts of conflict and competition...moments of  anguish and torment... to the intoxicating beauty of the daughters of men gracefully emitting peace and control through the delicate touch of a feminine hand. As the story unfolds the hands always seem to draw subtle attention. It takes your breath away.

Sometimes, to get the most revealing angle of the hands, other naked features were unavoidable, a part of the apologies, just a note. You'll have to bear with me on that one.

See how the hands contribute and enjoy the show...


                Give them all a hand!!!