Wednesday, November 29, 2023


A little get together in Hikkaduwa for those of us in Sri Lanka right now... It just happens to be the exact location where Sriyani and I used to take the wee ones regularly to learn snorkeling and love for the sea. We are still here, still doing it.
I decided to dust off some of my gear and do a little shooting, weather permitting.  It's been raining a lot lately but turned out lovely for my purposes...

ON THE SURFACE (sea level)

We took a little evening beach stroll joining up with other frolickers... mostly local folks from surrounding villages winding the day down with a sunset dip.

Lots of Russians have discovered Sri Lanka. They love the beach too...

I helped this damsel in distress struggling with her selfies. She tipped me with a couple quick poses...

Hey, you guys aren't Russians!

OVER THE TOP...I did a little sunrise aerial shooting at daybreak

UNDER THE SURFACE... I can't leave before saying hi to the fishes

Last days Paladin... Have camera, will travel