Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Swarna Mallawarachchi... Glory Days

 Sriyani and I had the pleasure of getting to know Swarna during a photo shoot for a Sri Lankan calendar in the 1980's. We became friends and had lots of fun during subsequent assignments. As you can see, Swarna is beautiful and extremely photogenic, but she was most famous those days for her acting skills recognized as one of the finest dramatic actors during the height of Sri Lankan cinema...a true artist. With little experience shooting portraits or working with models at the time, I didn't fully realize what a gifted talent she was. She had the rare skill and ability to project personality in the moment and confidently connect with the camera as you can see...what a treat. These pix were shot on film, btw... Enjoy

                          tip of the hat, Swarna

                           a shining star

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